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A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place

Some of the people who choose to watch A Quiet Place will know John Krasinski as the Sardonic Jim from The Office, NBC’s hit comedy show. Most people won’t believe how far he has come in a few short years, having come into his own as an actor and a director.

A production of Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes, A Quiet Place has become the surprise hit of 2018, having delivered a greater than average performance at the Box Office, not to mention attracting glowing critical reviews.

The fact that A Quiet Place features such wonderful performances is merely the icing on a masterfully written, incredibly directed piece of a movie.

Stay Silent To Survive

Written by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, watch A Quiet Place online free to enjoy the story of a desperate man and the family he wishes to protect. The full movie throws viewers on the 89th day of the apocalypse.

Lee Abbott played by John Krasinski, his wife Evelyn – played by Emily Blunt which is his actual wife in real life – and their three children are doing what they can to survive. It is immediately made clear that something bizarre is going on.

No one is talking. Everyone is taking great care to move very slowly, very deliberately and very quietly, with all communication executed via sign language. What initially appears to be a random quirk of the film is quickly revealed to be a survival mechanism.

Lee. Evelyn and their kids

The world has gone to hell. More than a year ago, the planet was invaded by alien creatures. Little is revealed about their origins but what matters is that they are blind and primarily hunt through sound. Protected by near-impenetrable armor, the creatures drove humanity to the edge of extinction. Lee and his family only survived because their daughter is deaf. They all knew sign language and, thus, adapted better than most to a life free of sound.

They have been beaten, wounded, hounded but they have survived. However, with a baby on the way, which couldn’t possibly adhere to the strict rules of survival that the new world demands, Abbott and his family must find new ways to stay ahead of an enemy that cannot be stopped

A considerable portion of the full movie takes place in the woods where the family has their home. The house boasts an elaborate security system designed to keep the inhabitants abreast of any potential intruders.

Abbott's house in the woods

For the most part, the Abbotts are ordinary people – even in a world overrun by monsters, they have succeeded in eking out a normal existence. The kids are clearly dealing with the consequences of a past trauma. The parents have to contend with their fears of raising children in such a dangerous world, not to mention the concept of giving birth at a time when the smallest of squeaks could mean death. John spends a surprising amount of time exploring the family drama at play.

Highly Rated For A Reason

Because the protagonists must stay absolutely silent to survive, there is little in the way of verbal dialogue. The events that brought about the movie’s present apocalyptic state are explored via newspaper clippings and the notes of the characters.

The absence of verbal dialogue forces the director to rely on facial expressions to tell his story, a tactic that requires a multitude of close-ups and attention to detail as far as the acting is concerned. Viewers are expected to watch A Quiet Place online closely and interpret the tiniest of expressions, from the wrinkling of foreheads to the narrowing of eyes in order to understand the dynamics of the relationships between the characters.

Many directors might have balked under the weight of the restrictions that A Quiet Place exerts. But Krasinski rises to the challenge, using the eerie, hefty, unrelenting silence to deliver one of the tautest and most suspenseful horrors of the year.

Emily Blunt and Noah Jupe

And while his deft directing hand deserves a lot of the credit, the performance of the actors cannot be ignored. Emily Blunt, Cade Woodward, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe all step up to the plate and relay the drama, the conflicts, the heartaches and the warm bonds without relying on the advantage of verbal dialogue.

Krasinski relies on his actors to make his story work, and they do not let him down. This is one movie that will challenge your nerves, though that is what makes it so refreshing.

Duration: 90 min


IMDb: 8.1