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Dust Devil

Dust Devil

A woman on the run from her abusive husband encounters a mysterious hitch-hiker.

Richard Stanley recently recorded commentaries and interviews not only for his terrific 1992 horror film Dust Devil, but also for three oustanding and rarely seen documentary films he has directed over the last decade and a half, all of which will be available from Subversive in one incredible package.

Voice Of The Moon, from 1990, finds Richard depicting the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, filming deep in territory that many journalists can’t or won’t dare explore today, accompanied by the late war journalist Carlos Mavroleon. With almost no sync sound or typical narration, it has been called the KOYAANISQATSI of war documentaries.

Maybe when you saw Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade you thought it was just a great story hook to have Nazis looking for the Holy Grail. Guess what? It’s not fiction! In The Secret Glory, Richard tells the incredible true story of Otto Rahm, an SS Lieutenant with massive interest in the occult, who served as partial inspiration for Bellocq, the treacherous nemesis of Indiana Jones in the original Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Combining archival footage, clever recreations, and interviews with survivors of the era, it’s a feverish, mind-boggling adventure, with a conspiratorial undertone to rival The Da Vinci Code.

And finally, in The White Darkness, Richard takes you to Haiti for a different look at the widely misunderstood practice of voodoo, how it permeates all levels of Hatian society, and how it has survived almost centuries of outsiders’ attempts to suppress or co-opt it. If all you know about voodoo was learned from the late-night horror movies on TV, you’re going to get your eyes opened.

And if these documentaries weren’t a great bonus on their own, Richard has recorded commentaries and interviews with even more information on these subjects, so dense with incredible revelations you may need to listen twice just to grasp it all. Coupled with the already-acclaimed thriller Dust Devil, this movie package will give you not just hours, but days of entertainment!

Dust Devi will be arriving online free this fall, in time for solid Halloween scaring. You can prepare yourself and learn more about Richard Stanley’s adventures by visiting The Unofficial Richard Stanley website.