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The House with a Clock in Its Walls

The House with a Clock in Its Walls

Making a horror movie for kids is not as easy as it sounds. In theory, it should be simple – kids, especially what is today called “tweens” are spooked easily – they are quick to share scary stories among each other and regularly find inspiration in the really flimsy stories out there. Also, the market for scary movies for teens is huge. The entire genre focused on this audience came about in the 1960s and is still going strong. Yet, the audience that is only a few years younger is a lot more complicated. When you watch The House with a Clock in Its Walls online you can feel its authors tried to do the same precise thing and create a film that would have a strong appeal even to those who are not in the cinema just so they can get frisky with their date.

The House with a Clock in Its Walls full movie is based on the not-that-famous children’s book from the 1970s. The book was written by John Bellairs and in the last 50 years, it managed to create a small cult following which never attained the level of stardom as many other similar books, at least when it comes to their desired audience. The reason for this is clear – the book was never too well defined outside of its competitors to attain the broad attention of either critics or the fans. The director however is someone who is much more well-known, especially for all horror fans – the name in question belongs to Eli Roth, who is currently one of the most interesting names in this genre. Roth might not be a brilliant visionary that is moving the boundaries of what can be called a horror, but he is still a devoted and keen-eyed artist with experience both behind and in front of the camera.

the mysterious house

The House with a Clock in Its Walls is definitely a lot about Roth’s core sensibility that covers both frights and scares, but also a very interesting sense of aesthetics. Previous films of this director that are noteworthy definitely include Hostel, a modern classic. Now, he is certain that the newest film he made is a starter movie for the horror genre, meaning that families and teens can easily watch it online free and enjoy it together without the worry of someone having persistent nightmares because of it. However, the film is anything but childish and instead, it offers a series of interesting elements that blend well together under the direction of Roth.

The Creepy House Story

The plot of the movie, like the book, is set in 1955 where a young orphan boy called Lewis is sent to his distant Uncle Jonathan. There, Lewis finds a huge mansion in which his uncle lives and immediately gets a bad feeling from it – the house is huge, scary and at some times, downright terrifying. The boy also finds out that his uncle is a very eccentric man and that his neighbor and great friend, Mrs. Florence Zimmerman is as odd as he is. However, he quickly begins to suspect the truth and learns that both of them are dabblers in magic. His uncle, played brilliantly by Jack Black is a warlock and Florence, who is played by Cate Blanchett is a witch.

Both of them possess powerful magic spells that they can use for a huge number of things. The house is also a magical place and here as well, strange and wondrous things occur on a regular basis. Among all of these weird and magical stuff, there, is a single clock that keeps ticking down to something and no one knows exactly what it is. Through persuasion, Lewis, who knows the truth and shares it with his uncle, manages to convince Jonathan to show him spells as well as other magic. Jonathan agrees not knowing what type of problems will the same decision result in.

Jonathan and Lewis

A Place of Wonder and Magic

For those who decide to watch The House with a Clock in Its Walls online free, the experience will most likely be more about the feel of a magical adventure than horror. Yet, there are plenty of scary scenes and the little children will potentially be frightening for them. Ominous sounds and scary dolls are only the intro into necromancy, occult, demons and many other things that the good warlock and a witch need to tackle.

Because of this, the very young might not enjoy the film as much as the tweens at which the whole experience is designed. All will, however, appreciate the message of positivity that relates to things like friendship, teamwork and standing up to one’s fears. All of them get a big part of the runtime and many who do give them a bit of thought will find the movie very inspiring.

Perceiving The Story As A Whole

There is no arguing that The House with a Clock in Its Walls watch online is not a masterpiece or the best that Roth can do with a story like this. But, it does come with a great dose of spooky, eerie and funny moments, mainly delivered by Blanchett and Black, who clearly work great together, in spite of at first seems like an odd pairing. The main drawback is the idea that it might be delivered often in an uneven manner. Some moments are very creepy and the others are like something in a cheerful 1950s movie.

Cate Blanchett

These are present through the full movie and while they do not break the immersion or truly impact negatively anything, they still have the power of slightly disorienting the attention of the viewer. In simpler terms, they make the film less poignant and less able to make big points with the audience on its best part. This is subtle but present even when Black does his most goofy things imaginable. But, even with this issue, there is no argument that would say that Roth did not create a very fun flick for children. Hopefully, he stays in this domain because with a little bit of practice, he would be able to make legendary films for kids of this age.

Duration: 104 min


IMDb: 6.3