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Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

The modern horror arena is seemingly a space filled with many different concepts. Some of them are based on the idea of bodily dread, while others go for low-key approach, where suspense and tension fill the plot. This division has always been there, yet it seems it is only becoming more pronounced online. However, at the same time, in recent years the number of free scary movies that strongly play on the psychological element has drastically dropped down. It seems a lot of people prefer to watch movies that are either focused on the gore or on the sheer terror that comes from the macabre expectation coming from the unknown.

This is most likely because many movie authors believe that any truly fresh idea has already been done and used up. Luckily Jeff Waldo, decided to revisit one of the oldest games teenager and adolescence play online. With this simple premise, he managed to create a pretty engaging and fresh scary movie basically using nothing more than this game and now you can watch it free.

The Story

A group of students travels to Mexico for their spring break. After much partying, they end up in an isolated and derelict church where they start to play truth and dare not knowing that the stakes are higher than they could ever imagine. After the game ends, they travel home to the US, unknowingly bringing with them a malicious entity that is determined to watch the game through. To watch Truth or Dare online free or in the cinema is an experience similar to the classic horrors of the late 1990s. These include the Scream and Final Destination series as one of the most prominent titles that come to mind thanks to the overall atmosphere of this movie.

playing in the church

Suspense You Are Going To Enjoy

These films, just like Truth or Dare basically rely on jump scares and tension building, while at the same time, they have a strong underlying current of the psychological development of their characters. Here, this element can be watched in the fact that aside from a dare, all of the characters also have the truth option at their disposal. However, the same will reveal a lot about them for free, including things they do not want others to know. This is why the truth choice always provides a deeper insight into mostly stereotypical characters from the college everyday life – the jock, the social justice warrior, the sorority girl. Yet, under the pressure of the supernatural game, none of them want to play online, their true personalities come to the forefront providing a much more complicated image for each and every one of them.

To watch Truth or Dare is not to seek absolution for any of these actors and their flaws. Instead, it is a process of witnessing for free the characters reveal themselves under extraordinary pressure online. This provides the film with an interesting balance of the known elements and unknown ones. This makes it an almost certain future cult classic teen horror. Of course, the cast of young actors does a wonderful job presenting the strong plot. They are led by Lucy Hale, Violett Beane, and Sophia Ali, all of which do an excellent job at their double character, which are both their outward personality and the darker entity that lies below it. The director also plays really well on providing the audience with both familiar and unfamiliar in the terms of its concept and its execution.

The viewers have the chance to witness a transformation from an almost stereotypical teen horror to a complex and dents film about the true nature of otherwise ordinary college kids. Sometimes, the same nature is dark, but it also might be scared or lost in the everyday life. But every time their real nature is revealed, it rings true, which happens alongside the tension and action of the constantly developing plot. Thanks to all of this, many will enjoy to watch Truth or Dare online even if they otherwise do not usually watch these types of movies. By being a lot more than it seems at first glance the full movie is definitely one of the most promising of 2018 when it comes to taking an old approach for free and resetting it in an impressive manner.

Duration: 100 min


IMDb: 4.4